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Welcome, gamers!

Drop by any day of the week for board games, card games, RPGs, miniature games and accessories!

We open Mon-Fri at 5; we close at 9 on Mon-Thurs and 10 on Fri, although we do keep the doors open on occasion if a gaming session goes beyond those hours. Sat is 10-10, and Sun is 10-6!

If you don't find what you're looking for, let us know! We're always open to adding a great game to our store!

Sale of the Month

All pink-stickered games, etc are 40% off in the month of August, while we make more room for new games! Cheers!

Upcoming Events

Magic Events

Weekly Drafts!

Every Friday, we have Friday Night Magic. Prizes are swiss(one pack per match win). In addition, the top two contestants and a random additional two contestants will receive a bonus promo card! First two Fridays are draft, third friday is 6-pack sealed, fourth Friday is Standard! Arrive at 6:30 to get in on the fun! Typically, gamers will hang around afterward to play casually, for those interested.

Wednesday Constructed Play

Every Wednesday is also a magic day, but they are usually casual events. These events have no entry fee or prizes, so feel free to join in even if you're just getting started!

Roleplaying Events

Pathfinder Society Games!

Visit the Baltimore Pathfinder Society site for more details and to reserve a slot in an upcoming game, but we're always happy to host society games.

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Ongoing

Experience old-school dungeon crashing in a new way with DCC. In this adventure, players run a number of villagers and, with luck, some of them may survive! To reserve a slot, use the event listing on the CardBoard Gaming Facebook page! Pre-built chars will be provided, and no book is necessary.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Every Wednesday at 6, a group gathers to rule a kingdom and explore the wild in this Pathfinder Campaign Path. If interested in playing, hit up Travis for details (or send the store a message on Facebook!)

Pathfinder: Tim's Game

Every Friday at 6, Tim runs a more traditional Pathfinder game. Crash the dungeon, slay the dragon, get the gold! This game uses Roll20 to allow offsite players to join the fun. If interested in joining, hit up Tim on a friday or send a message to the shop, and we'll pass it on!

Pathfinder: Other

There's also an early morning Sunday group, and new groups starting all the time. If you would like to post an advertisement in the shop for a game you're starting here, please do so.

Pathfinder: PFS organized play

On Sundays at 2, multiple DMs participate in hosting Pathfinder Society events. Society games form Pathfiner's sanctioned play world, and offer a way to game for those who can't make a game every week, or who like to play in many locations. Ask in store or online for more information about PFS...we'd be happy to print you off a char sheet and help get you started!

Fishbowl O' Fortune!

Whenever you play or DM any roleplaying game in the shop, be sure to fill out a ticket and toss it in the fishbowl! At the end of every month, we draw a name, and they win a fabulous RPG-related prize!

Wargaming Events

Monday Paint & Takes

Every Monday at 5, stop by to grab a mini and use the supplied paints and brushes to customize it to your tastes! Learn skills like inking, drybrushing, or highlighting, and hey, free model!

Warhammer Fantasy/40k

Informal games happen on occasion on Sundays, and several armies live in the store for those who haven't yet built one, so bring your friends out to game, even if it's their first time!

Board and Card Games

Tuesday Board Game Night

We've got a library of board and card games available in shop, and Tuesdays make for a relatively quiet evening, with nary a 40k player or band of CCG players to be found. It's a perfect time for a relaxing board game with friends. Bring your own or try one of ours!

Game Design

Not an official event yet, but several game designers and aspiring creators frequent the shop. If you're interested in playtesting a game or discussing game creation with like-minded types, let us know what days and times work for you so we can organize a meeting! Of course, we keep useful components around, and a 3d printer lives in the shop to fabricate any unusual pieces you may need for a prototype.