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Snacks and Drinks

In addition to the usual cans of soda, candy bars and chips that every game store has, I’ve dug up some of the more….unusual beverages. Bawls? Sure, why not. Big Red? Well, it’s a classic. Soda with sugar instead of corn syrup, in a glass bottle? No reason not to give it a shot. “Vampire blood” labeled strawberry drink? Well, Halloween is coming up. Every now and then, though, you wonder if something isn’t going just a wee bit too far.

Would you put this in your mouth?  baconsoda

Board and Card Games

Naturally, any well stocked game shop has to have a selection of games, and we’ve got a decent spread lined up. Favorites include Catan, Ticket to Ride, Bang, Red Dragon Inn, Zombie Dice, and Village. Of course, we’ve got a few dozen games in the library which you’re welcome to play whenever you’re at the shop, but we’ve got a bit more planned than just open gaming.

For starters, while CCG players have long had tournaments offered to them, board gamers generally have to travel to a convention to find competitive board game play. I’d like to offer board game tournaments once we have a critical mass of board gamers, with prizes, naturally. Let us know what game you’d be interested in playing!

In addition, I’ve been lucky enough to know a few folks around here that have had an idea for a game, or an RPG, or an adventure, or some other gaming creation. Supporting would be game designers is definitely on the docket, with a variety of components stocked in store,  help setting up playtests, and other support for the creative gamer, we’re hoping to build a community of people who not only play games, but make them.

Great Beginnings

Big news! We’ve got a fairly firm location, though final paperwork still needs to get signed and money needs to change hands. I’ve got a stack of product in the basement, shelving just showed up, the legal paperwork is all officially approved…if everything goes as planned, CardBoard Gaming should be ready for a soft open early next month.

So, what have we got planned? Well, we’re focusing on a few areas early on. CCGs, Board and Card games, RPGs, and Wargames, in roughly that order. In the coming days, I plan to detail the goals for each of these, and outline events and promotions I’d like to see happen. Our location has a decent play space, so I plan to get a few tables in there for start, some terrain for the wargamers, a library of board games, and something I haven’t seen elsewhere, books for those awaiting other players. Of course, we’ll also carry a variety of snacks and drinks, so if you’re running early for an event, or simply wish to hang out and see who else turns up looking for a game, you’ll be able to relax in the gaming lounge, crack open a soda, and peruse your choice of fantasy, sci fi, or graphic novels.

Coming up next: CCG Plans!