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MTG Singles


Singles are great for tracking down those last few cards you need without cracking a million packs, and if you’ve got a few extra cards and want a few bucks, well, nothing wrong with selling a few. Now, we’ve been doing singles since we opened, but I thought it’d be nice to highlight the progress we’ve made in this area.

Well, all sets in Standard(plus M13, M12, and Avacyn Restored) have been binderized, priced, and all that good stuff. We’ve got an excellent collection of the mythics everyone’s chasing, especially from M14 and Theros, the newest sets. Prices track fairly close to those of Star City Games, so they’re competitive with all online dealers, and buy prices should also be pretty close to theirs(though not always exactly the same, since we go off our stock levels, not others). As a general rule of thumb for those wishing to sell cards, the newest set is usually the one we’re most eager to fill out, and we look mostly for rares and mythics, as commons/uncommons are invariably well stocked. ┬áIf you have anything particularly unusual, such as older magic sealed product, or limited edition sealed product(commander decks, for instance), contact us and we’ll make a deal on a case by case basis.

In addition, we carry the various decks, as they can sometimes be an inexpensive source of specific cards…the Heroes vs Monsters decks are a pretty solid choice as you get two decks for $20. For those looking to build a collection, we also occasionally get in full, sealed box sets containing 1 of every card in an entire set, and we also build common playsets(4 of every common in a set). The latter is particularly economical, hovering around $15, including a box for storage, and containing hundreds of cards. Lands, unless you want ludicrous amounts, we just aren’t going to worry about pricing. Building a deck here or drafting, land is just free. We’ve got lots.

We also try to keep both sealed packs and discounted boxes in stock for every set in standard at all times, and fat packs, christmas bundles, etc will drift in and out depending on the season and what not. If there’s anything you’re looking for in particular that we don’t yet have…we can probably find it for you, including singles from sets that have left print over a decade ago.