Monthly Archives: November 2013

Big Plans

So, quite a few of ya’ll ask how we’re doing from time to time, and some of you ask what are plans are for the store. Well, the answer to the first is that we’re doing pretty good for a brand new store. It’s not uncommon for there to be 12-15 people in the store on a friday night gaming, and sometimes we’ve got two events going on at once. Sure, there are quiet days too, but even on the quietest of days, at least a few people are stopping in. This largely a result of many people chipping in. Many have offered ideas, help, and more. Plenty have told their friends, shared our news on facebook, and spread the world. I’m proud to say that this is an area with no shortage of geeks, and many of them have grand plans of their own. So, first off, thank you to everyone who is helping the store get better already.

Perhaps the biggest goal is widening variety of stuff we have in stock. We’ve got a large, large list of stuff we’d like to bring in, based heavily on what ya’ll have asked for. In general, stuff a lot of folks have asked about is prioritized most heavily(though we will always order anything you place an actual special order for in the next shipment), but sometimes we also like to try out new and unusual stuff that nobody knows exists yet. Dungeon Crawl Classics, for instance, is slated for re-release mid-dec, and we’ve got a preorder for the full line of that. Red Dragon Inn 4 is coming out late Nov, and that’ll likewise be hitting the store. The big release times for games are mid-summer(usually aimed for gencon), and November(aimed for the holiday season), so the new stuff changes over rapidly. We’re also expanding existing lines, of course, filling in holes where they exist. By all means, if you don’t see something that you think really should be in the store, let us know! It definitely helps to know what people want.


Also important are events. Being a proper game shop is more than just being a place where people buy things, it’s about the experience of gaming. We’ve got two full pathfinder groups so far, and if anyone else feels like running a game, there is definitely lots of interest in this area. There’s also a monthly L5R game starting up locally, which is convenient for those of us who have busy schedules, and of course, there is a vibrant local Magic community. The Necromunda league will be starting up shortly, and I keep a 40k army on hand to play folks. There’s also plenty of random board and card games happening in shop, and I definitely want to fill out the game closet to enable more of these, and I want to support local DMs considering starting an event. You’re certainly welcome to recruit players at the store, regardless of if you’re playing in shop or at home, and I’m always willing to chat about roleplaying in general. In addition, from time to time, we get promo materials for various games, and these are given out to those who buy or play those games in the shop. It’s sort of random, depending on company, but it’s a nice perk from time to time. Door prizes are given for events such as Magic, of course. Last, but not least, we do a monthly giveaway for anyone partaking in an in-store roleplaying game. So, if you could use a bit more gaming in your life, drop by, and consider starting or joining an event.


We’re also looking to improve the shop as a setting. More chairs, more glass counters, more foldable tables for big events, more terrain for the miniatures crowd, carpet at some point for sure, some game related posters and paintings for the walls…all the nice atmospheric things to take stuff up a notch. Hell, one day, I’d like to actually make the sword in our logo, giant D20 and all, and hang it on the wall. Of course, as with all the other sections, suggestions are most welcome. Let us know what things you feel are important or would be awesome, and let’s see just how epic of a hangout we can make this place. =)