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Persistant Open World Gaming Coming to CBG!

Have trouble making time for a weekly game, but tired of one shots? Like playing a game with flexibility for you to pursue the goals you want with whichever players you wish? Well, we have a solution for you.


Dungeon Crawl Classics starts out with a “funnel”, in which each player plays a band of peasants confronted with unspeakable horrors. Most will die gruesomely. The survivors become heroes, gain PC classes, and embark on traditional dungeon-crashing adventure. For the CBG persistant world, char creation is handled by attending a funnel game and having at least one peasant survive. The first such game is Sun, Feb 23rd at noon, and you need bring only dice with you as char sheets and such are provided. Once we have a pool of living PCs with class levels, open world play will kick off in earnest, with scheduled games for funnels, traditional adventures, and player driven exploration in turn.

Join us on Sun the 23rd for “The Portal Under the Stars”! Reserve your slot on our facebook page!