Monthly Archives: March 2014

New and Improved!

After getting in all the big things, it’s been a time of little improvements. Adding a paint rack, adding more stock so we’re had to say “we’re out” less, fixing the bathroom door so it closes smoothly, adding a butt container so the smokers have a place to throw them away, getting deodorizers to minimize gamer funk. ┬áNot the most amazing of things, but progress all the same.


It hasn’t all been boring, though. Thanks to hitting Core levels with WotC, we get the special support like brick and mortar only release access, promos for box sales and FNMs, plus the occasional poster and pre-release access. So, magic’s been taking off pretty strong, with a good crowd on both weds and fri.

Roleplaying, our friends at the Baltimore Pathfinder Society have hosted many games, we’ve got two ongoing pathfinder games in store, and of course, the ongoing DCC sessions on sundays. Oh, and of course, this month we’ll be at Gadcon, which will have RPGing and Magic in great amounts for three days. Last, but not least, the Eastern Horizons Larp has kicked off for those who enjoy L5R.

However, board and card games haven’t had the same scale of events. Oh, sure, we reliably have gamers here on thursdays playing, and sporadic gaming the rest of the week due to the game library in shop, but the big, flashy events are something board gamers often get left out of. Well, thanks to the good people organizing Tabletop Day…that’s no longer an issue. Modeled after the very popular Free RPG Day, Tabletop Day happens on April 5th, and will include giant piles of free expansions to popular games, five tables of gaming all day long, with prizes, drawings, sales, free pizza, and all manner of good times.

I’m pretty happy about this, and I look forward to seeing you all there!