Draft Talk


Last night’s draft was pretty fantastic, and something a bit unusual happened. Everyone playing managed to win at least one pack. It’s one of the reasons I like swiss drafts, one bad game doesn’t kill your chances at prizes. 2014 is, IMO, an excellent draft set, and while blue is the strongest color, awareness of that is now high enough that we’ve got a pretty good balance in practice. We also had some pretty solid casual gaming going on both before and after the draft, so I suggest bringing a coupla decks with you drafting if you want to get some casual gaming in. We’ve got really good stock of 2014 at the moment, so while we’re all waiting for Theros to release, I’d like to do another 2014 swiss draft next friday.

I’d also like to take a minute to talk about drafting in general. I’m a big draft fan, and as such, I plan to hold a draft event every friday. Typically, it’s going to be one of the newer blocks, since those are invariably popular, but we’re not limited to just doing the usual stuff. If you and your buds want to show up on a thursday night and draft homelands rochester style, we can totally do that. Custom drafts, including classic sets, are totally doable. You do need a minimum of four people to make a draft work, and eight is best, and if you want to draft something unusual(ie, further back than about 2012 or special sets like modern masters), pop us a message to make sure we have/can get the product for you, but if you can’t find your favorite format being played, let us know, and we can make sure it gets created for you.

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