Castles and Crusades is Here!


Had a couple of shipments arrive today, and along with a selection of pirate games for the upcoming occasion, we received the full line of Castles and Crusades to add to our growing selection of RPGs. For those of you who prefer old-school D&D-styled adventures with simpler, faster char creation, etc, this should be welcome news, especially as a wide selection of adventure paths are included in this range, which are fairly easy to adapt to other retro-D&D games.

Our pathfinder range is also steadily growing in both new and lightly used books, and we have a smattering of 3.5 and 4e texts as well. Once a few books make it out of backordered status, I hope to get the full line of PF rulebooks and additional adventure paths, and of course, when 5e comes out next year, we’ll carry that as well.

We also carry a few less mainstream systems, including Exalted, Shadowrun, etc…and I’m considering adding Deadlands(the non-D20 version). Thoughts?

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