Roleplaying Fun


Sunday’s pirate roleplaying event went off pretty well, with adventures on the high seas and of course, an expedition for treasure on a dangerous tropical island. The PCs were successful in escaping with the treasure, albeit with a 75% mortality rate…and one of the two survivors was afflicted by a terrible curse. Gravestones with cause of death are being posted in the store for the poor unfortunates who meet their end here.

For those who missed it, but would like to get in on future roleplaying, we’ve built up a pretty strong roleplaying crowd at the store. The wednesday pathfinder game is full at the moment with six players, we’ve got two friday games(one 3.5, one pathfinder), both of which are very decently sized groups, Pathfinder society is hosting a new player meet, greet and play event on the 25th designed to ease new players into PFS. Good folks, I highly recommend checking them out if you want to get some more PF playtime. I believe they were looking at a monday game, and Erik was considering starting a biweekly game at some point as well. All told, there’s some solid RPG gamin’ going on. For those interested in starting or playing something different, event sign-up sheets are at the shop for ya’ll to find out who else is interested in a given game, so don’t hesitate to try something off the beaten track.

I should also mention another excellent idea from Erik, the Fishbowl o’ Fortune. Every time you play or GM a roleplaying event in the store, you’re eligible to toss an entry into the fishbowl. At the end of every month, we’ll draw a name and award a roleplaying related prize. The more names in the bowl, the better the prize!

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