Great Beginnings

Big news! We’ve got a fairly firm location, though final paperwork still needs to get signed and money needs to change hands. I’ve got a stack of product in the basement, shelving just showed up, the legal paperwork is all officially approved…if everything goes as planned, CardBoard Gaming should be ready for a soft open early next month.

So, what have we got planned? Well, we’re focusing on a few areas early on. CCGs, Board and Card games,¬†RPGs, and Wargames, in roughly that order. In the coming days, I plan to detail the goals for each of these, and outline events and promotions I’d like to see happen. Our location has a decent play space, so I plan to get a few tables in there for start, some terrain for the wargamers, a library of board games, and something I haven’t seen elsewhere, books for those awaiting other players. Of course, we’ll also carry a variety of snacks and drinks, so if you’re running early for an event, or simply wish to hang out and see who else turns up looking for a game, you’ll be able to relax in the gaming lounge, crack open a soda, and peruse your choice of fantasy, sci fi, or graphic novels.

Coming up next: CCG Plans!

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