Magic – The Big Game

Sat, Jan 25th at 4:00pm, we’re having us a standard tourney. It’s gonna be $10, three main rounds plus playoffs, and we’re pumping up the prize pool in hopes of luring a few more players out.

Prize Payout:
First Prize: 3 packs, Mutavault and Commander Deck.
Second Prize: 3 packs, Commander Deck.
Third Prize and lower: 1 pack per main round match won.

Door Prizes:  Three free packs will be given away after the match.

We’re trying to clear the 12-person mark on attendance so we can qualify for Wizard’s core level, which’ll result in them providing us with promo cards, access to more unique product, pre-release events, etc! Tell your friends, and let’s see make

Parking Info: The auto shop next to us is closed while we’re open, so feel free to park over there as well. As long as you’re not blocking anyone in, park wherever.

Commander Decks:  Choice of those in stock. Yes, this includes Mind Seize, if we have it in stock. Currently, all five are in stock, and we try to keep it that way whenever possible, but availability is limited on these.

Also, we are now taking preorders for Born of the Gods boxes, decks, and fat packs. If you want first dibs on release day, get your order in! We’re experimenting with a special “one of everything” package this release. $200 gets you a box, a fat pack, and one of each of the five starter decks! We may have to limit preorders based on allocation of product, so stop by in the next couple of weeks if you want to be sure of getting in on this.

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