3d Printing Comes to CardBoard Gaming

I(Travis) brought in one of my 3d printers, pictured here after printing a few extra meeples, for general store use and demonstrations. Replacement parts are pretty easy to crank out, and we’ve got designs pre-loaded for a few of the more common gaming bits and gubbins.

If you’re one of those folks who like to design games and what not, custom pieces are also possible. If you’ve got your own 3d model, bring it by, and I’ll help you make sure it’s printable and test it out. If you’ve just got the idea, I’ll be happy to chat about how you go from that to a printed copy. I’ve found it to be a remarkably fun toy so far, and I’ve got a few ideas for potential applications myself, and I’m sure it’ll be something that inspires others as well.

Got some glow in the dark plastics on the way for experimentation. With any luck, it’ll be the perfect solution to finding the game piece that just rolled under the couch!

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