More Magic!

Saturday, ┬áNov 22nd at 2pm, we’re doing a special limited 2HG game. Here’s how it works.

$5 gets you and your teammate in. If you don’t have a teammate, don’t sweat it, just show up and pair up with the next solo player. Each player will get a 22 card semi-random deck, one booster, and a randomly selected promo card as your card pool. You and your teammate may combine card pools, and add any number of basic lands to make two 40 card decks. Showing up late or leaving early is perfectly fine.

Every participant will receive one ticket. Winning a match(no repeat matches against same opponent) gets the winners a ticket each. We’ll draw out for prizes at the end of the night, and you need not be present to win. Prize pool will depend on number of attendees, but we guarantee a modern deck will be in the pool($80 value).

“But Travis”, you say, “isn’t the card pool alone worth far more than $5?”. Yes. Yes it is. We’re trying to start up saturday tournaments, and we’d like to do so with a bang.

In addition, we have casual commander games starting up on Tuesdays at 6pm!

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