Black Friday Celebration!

It’s that time of the year again, the time to stand in line at midnight on a holiday for gifts for the next one. Screw that. We’re gonna be closed Thanksgiving, and we’ll open on at the crack of noon on black friday. There is no need to stand in line beforehand or panic, we have many copies of the hot items, they’ll last at least a little while. As a result, this year we again expect our Black Friday Sale to be a pretty calm, civilized affair. All deals will continue on to small business saturday as well, of course. So, without further ado, here they are.

First off, we’ll have a giant pile of shiny new games. For every  $75 worth of stuff you buy, you get a free game from the pile. There are over 20 of these guys, in a nice assortment, and yes, this can be combined with other deals such as box discounts, etc. DMG_Illo


Secondly, the 5e DMG is coming out on Black Friday.
We’ve got it, big box stores won’t have it for a couple
weeks yet. In addition, if you buy either the 5e Monster Manual or Players Handbook to go with this, we’ll toss in a $16 pack of minatures for free. We’ve got twenty copies, so these, too, will not run out immediately.






Next, for our magic players, the ever-popular holiday gift boxes are now in stock. They’re $20, we’ll toss in a bonus promo for the holidays, and we’ve got a dozen of these guys in stock in addition to a nice sprinkling of the new commander decks everyone’s after.




So, that’s something for board gamers, magic players and roleplaying folks, what about wargaming? Well, Confrontation miniatures will be joining the pile of free stuff for purchases(each box has a $30 value), and each Games Workshop miniatures box will come with a free bottle of glue or bottle of paint(your choice).

Additionally, Space Hulk is $25 off(normal price: $125)! We’ve got four copies of this as well. Hope to see you all out this weekend, and have a great thanksgiving!


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