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Naturally, any well stocked game shop has to have a selection of games, and we’ve got a decent spread lined up. Favorites include Catan, Ticket to Ride, Bang, Red Dragon Inn, Zombie Dice, and Village. Of course, we’ve got a few dozen games in the library which you’re welcome to play whenever you’re at the shop, but we’ve got a bit more planned than just open gaming.

For starters, while CCG players have long had tournaments offered to them, board gamers generally have to travel to a convention to find competitive board game play. I’d like to offer board game tournaments once we have a critical mass of board gamers, with prizes, naturally. Let us know what game you’d be interested in playing!

In addition, I’ve been lucky enough to know a few folks around here that have had an idea for a game, or an RPG, or an adventure, or some other gaming creation. Supporting would be game designers is definitely on the docket, with a variety of components stocked in store, ¬†help setting up playtests, and other support for the creative gamer, we’re hoping to build a community of people who not only play games, but make them.

2 thoughts on “Board and Card Games

  1. Hey Travis

    My design partner and I would love to play test our games or play board games with other people at your place now and then. Because of distance and that pesky thing called “the job,” Friday nights and the occasional Saturday are the best times for us. Could this work?

    1. Sure, Friday evenings are usually fairly busy, with magic players about and a pathfinder group at minimum, and we often stay open late as a result, while Saturdays tend to be a bit more quiet. I’m sure we could find at least a couple of people interested in testing out a new game or what not!

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